FAF S1E3 – Masturbation Part 1: Just Feel It Out, If You Will


Show Notes:

Sarah and I talk masturbation, reach and positioning, communication, sex toys, lube, and why masturbation is important.

Womanizer Pro40: https://www.womanizer.com/us/womanizer-pro-40-white

Somehow Sarah and I didn’t know the Womanizer Plussize existed until we recorded the next episode, but I wanted to link to it here. We will be talking about it in the future.

Womanizer Plussize: https://www.womanizer.com/us/womanizer-plussize

Vibrators for Women Designed by Men – College Humor: http://www.collegehumor.com/video/40003209/vibrators-for-women-designed-by-men

Side note: The Womanizer is a problematic name for a sex toy, both because 1) it ignores the fact that not all women have clits and not all clits belong to women and 2) because of the misogynistic reference. It’s probably why you will hear me call it the Pro40 (the version I own) more often than the Womanizer. At the same time, the design itself is hella rad for clit-havin folks.